SFLA spreads its word with mission plan

ALL new members of the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) will be required to attend courses on the 'psycho-dynamics' of marriage breakdowns under the terms of a five-year mission plan drawn up by the group.

The 24-page Strategic Plan, which was adopted at the SFLA's annual conference, is designed to help the group boost its membership and raise its profile.

As well as attending courses on marriage breakdowns, new members will also be required to attend training sessions on the SFLA's code of conduct.

The document also contains plans to improve the demographic variety and ethnic spread of its membership as well as a commitment to broaden its appeal to younger family lawyers.

Meanwhile, the association looks likely to offer a permanent contract to York public relations company The Partners Group, which last year handled the SFLA's domestic violence awareness campaign. SFLA chair David Salter said it had not yet been decided whether to retain a public relations company permanently.

The SFLA used public relations company Fishburn Hedges to help it promote its views during the passage of the Family Law Bill through parliament between 1994 and 1996.