Sex lines, MPs and barristers

Speaking of lawyers in the news, does anyone remember a certain Mr Jerry Hayes?

Hayes is the former MP for Harlow, star of a late-night TV show with that lovely man James Whale, as well as hosting a sex phone-in. Hayes is also a barrister (kinky sex and barristers – for some reason that sounds familiar to Tulkinghorn), a profession to which he has returned following the loss of his seat in Parliament. He is now a tenant at Leeds footballer Lee Bowyer's defence counsel Desmond de Silva QC's set, 2 Paper Buildings.

In The Observer Magazine (22 April), our Mr Hayes explains that when he lost his seat his old head of chambers called him up to offer him work, to which he replied that he had forgotten it all. "You never knew any anyway," replied the head of chambers. "You didn't have to, you're an advocate."

Home from home, then, says Tulkinghorn.