Seven Bedford Row alliance gains US Senate heavyweight

The US Senate’s former special counsel on foreign relations has joined the recently formed alliance between London chambers Seven Bedford Row and Jersey-based law outfit, BakerPlatt.

During his time at the Senate. Jack Blum played a key role in the US Government’s investigations into BCCI and General Manuel Noriega, Panama’s former military leader.

Blum joins the Seven Bedford Row Alliance as a consultant on offshore fraud prevention, under the title senior counsel on special projects, but will continue to live full-time in Washington.

Seven Bedford Row, a common law and criminal set, joined forces last year with BakerPlatt, a Jersey outfit comprising law firm Baker Associates and consultancy firm Finance Sector Compliance Advisers.

The alliance provides fraud prevention advice to offshore companies and financial services authorities in the Far East, the Caribbean, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. Blum is also the former chair of the UN experts group on global asset recovery.