For a criminal barrister it is the perfect getaway

A 1976 Jaguar XJS racing car that can go from 0 to 60mph in under five seconds and hit a top speed of a 140mph.

Now owner and driver Joseph Giret has secured a sponsorship package from his set, Francis Taylor Buildings, in a unique marketing move.

The common law set, headed by Nicholas Valios QC, will sponsor the car for an undisclosed amount and take clients out to see the FTB-emblazoned Jag race in a new Inter-Marque series of races.

Other chambers have been involved in the sponsorship of race horses, but Francis Taylor had been keen to show it was not in a “ivory tower'. Valios said he hoped the move would also expose the chambers to a new audience

For Giret, it is a welcome boost to an expensive but passionate hobby that has seen him build the £50,000-plus car from the ground up.