Service sets lawyers on the move

A travel service specifically aimed at lawyers and offering a 24-hour hotline for their clients has started up.

Clients can call the Lawyer's Travel Service at any time of the day or night, and switchboard operators will pass the message on to their travelling lawyer as arranged.

The service is an offshoot of the City-based World Travel Agency, which already has more than 20 London law firms on its books.

“By the nature of their profession, lawyers are generally demanding in their travel requirements,” Lawyers' Travel Service managing director Mike Bor says.

Apart from the hotline, other special features of the service include a database containing individual profiles of each lawyer, to try and ensure consistency of accommodation, and a facility for travel arrangements to be changed at short notice owing to clients' changed demands.

Efforts will be made to ensure lawyers do not experience traumatic separations from their brief cases by giving them seats with overhead luggage space, and detailed monthly travel reports can be produced to help them bill clients.