Serugo-Lugo to challenge bankruptcy

John Malpas reports

THE BARRISTER who unsuccessfully campaigned against his chambers' eviction from Lincoln's Inn has been declared bankrupt.

But Yosefaly Serugo-Lugo says he was unaware of the proceedings earlier this month prompted by the Inland Revenue and has already filed an application to have the ruling set aside.

Serugo-Lugo is now head of chambers at Essex House Chambers, Stratford, alongside many of the barristers who worked with him at 9 Stone Buildings. The all-black set moved out of Lincoln's Inn last summer for failing to meet debts, said to stand at £38,000.

Lincoln's Inn under-treasurer Captain Malcolm Carver was then reported to be pursuing Serugo-Lugo's bankruptcy.

But the order also came as a surprise to Carver who says Serugo-Lugo has been fulfilling a debt repayment agreement.