Separated at birth

Hollywood stars always need publicity. Actor Edward Norton needs it more than others, with the upcoming release of his new film The Incredible Hulk. To break the UK market, Norton disguised himself as piano-playing Field Fisher Waterhouse partner Andrew Blankfield to answer our Work-Life Quiz. distress by taking a run-up and bashing the door open. Tulkinghorn’s protégé was immediately hailed as the hero of the night, proving he had learnt well from his master.

Apparently Norton drives a Renault Scenic and once worked 36 hours without sleep. That must have been on Fight Club. Strangely, though, Norton answers that Kevin Spacey would be the ideal choice to play him in a film of his life, rather than handle the acting himself. He describes Spacey as “unconventional, uncompromising and cool (and very good-looking)”. Although word reaches Tulkinghorn that a young apprentice added the latter in a lame attempt to win a star part.