Separated at birth

North East firm Watson Burton redefined its management strategy recently with the appointment of its first managing director (The Lawyer, 25 June). However, Tulkinghorn has discovered the true extent of the restructuring, which goes a lot deeper than many realised. It seems that senior partner Andrew Hoyle has been usurped by Curly Watts, formerly of Coronation Street. Apparently, Hoyle was reluctant to relinquish the attention he had enjoyed as senior partner before the firm brought in a chief executive, so he has decided to pursue his acting career in a deal that will see him dropping in on Rita Fairclough before the end of the year. Curly, meanwhile, is yet another media luvvie who has been waiting for his opportunity to break into the law. Despite being one of the most cerebral of the street's characters, and despite his impressive CV, which includes stints as a binman and manager of the Weatherfield branch of Bettabuys, critics are nervous as to how he will cope with Hoyle's senior role. Tulkinghorn himself is keen for Hoyle to drop this nonsensical fascination with being a B-list celebrity – please return to the fold and don't throw away your life on such frippery.