Separated at birth

So what could possibly have prompted the normally so intractable Lord Hoffmann to plump for such a major volte-face in Kirin-Amgen v Transkaryotic Therapies? When every angle has been considered, perused and minutely mulled, there is only one possible explanation: he has been possessed by the undead soul of that master of the macabre Boris Karloff. Not content with having worked alongside luminaries such as Dick Tracy, Tarzan and Charlie Chan; unfulfilled by his successes in cases such as Dracula v The Wolf Man and by the eternal banishment to Hell of Frankenstein’s monster, Jack the Ripper, Mr Hyde, Fu Manchu and his Mummy, the little terror now plans to throw the legal profession into the illimitable darkness that is the ‘sea of interpretative uncertainty’. Mortals – and QCs – beware!