The Royal Bank of Scotland got its man last week in the shape of the unwaveringly precise and calm Fifteen to One host William G Stewart.

The bank obviously spotted the star quality in the TV stalwart, despite the fact that he’s been off the nation’s screens for some years now. In fact, he’s been rather busy, pulling Scottish firm Dundas & Wilson through the tricky post-Enron Andersen collapse and turning it into a competitor in London. For that role, Stewart adopted the pseudonym ‘Chris Campbell’, but the star quality was always obvious. The G, by the way, stands for Gladstone. Appropriate, really.

bly in the circumstances – there is no pic of Bland on the opening page of the site, just a serious-looking tome. But if it’s a photo you want, seek and you will find. As one acquaintance put it: “He’s clearly lost none of his humility.”