Separated at birth

Now Tulkinghorn had always thought Sir Sydney Kentridge QC – that esteemed member of the Bar – had started out in life as a lawyer in South Africa, earning his fearless reputation after acting on behalf of Steve Biko, who died in police custody in 1977. Lord Alexander of Weedon wrote of Kentridge's performance: “Through remorseless and deadly cross-examination, sometimes with brilliant use of irony, Kentridge established to a watching world that the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement had been killed by police brutality.” Quite so, but where did this man that goes by the name of Kentridge learn his compelling skills as an advocate and such a “brilliant use of irony”? Tulkinghorn can exclusively reveal that it was not as a young lawyer in South Africa, but as an actor, under the pseudonym Arthur English, playing Mr Harman in the hit UK comedy series Are You Being Served? Not a lot of people know that.