Senior candidates catch on to online recruitment

Employers are recognising that an increasing number of senior candidates, including those in the legal sector, are using the Internet to look for jobs and taking advantage of the benefits offered by online recruitment.

The Recruitment Confidence Index run by the Cranfield School and Management and Daily Telegraph looks at recruitment issues from the employer’s perspective. Figures from the latest report, Summer 2004, show that 81% of employers that have used their corporate careers site to recruit at board level have been successful. Corporate careers sites are also proving to be a succesful method of recruiting at senior management level (70%) and middle management level (74%).

Commercial websites, though less used than corporate careers sites, are also a successful way of recruiting at board level. 72% of those employers that have used a commercial job board to recruit at board level have been succesful.

The National Online Recruitment Audience Survey (NORAS) assesses the use of job boards from the candidates’ point of view and also shows online recruitment to be a succesful medium. NORAS Summer 2004 shows that 76% of online job seekers have applied for a job that they discovered online. Of those that have applied 59% have obtained an interview and of those that reached interview stage 43% had gone on to get a new job as a result of an application they had made to a job discovered online. NORAS also shows that 16% of online job seekers are at Senior Management level or above.

Two independent research projects both show that employers and job seekers using the Internet as a recruitment tool are becoming increasingly successful. In the face of these findings it would be unwise to ignore the advantages that the Internet has to offer as a way of sourcing candidates. Not only can the Internet be a cheaper and quicker way to recruit than traditional methods, such as recruitment consultancies, but the corporate careers site offers employers a great opportunity to communicate extensively and effectively with potential candidates.

An unlimited amount of information regarding an employer’s business, culture and benefits packages can be communicated via a corporate recruitment site. In addition to this a simple registration process can allow employers to establish a pool of candidates that are interested in opportunities within their company. Once this pool is established employers can communicate with potential candidates via regular emails that keep them up to date with developments and opportunities. Added to this your own corporate careers site is the one place on the Internet that you can guarantee a potential candidate will not be distracted by any of your competitor’s jobs.

Based on these advantages it’s no surprise that research shows employers are successfully using the Internet as a recruitment tool, even at a senior level.

More information regarding the RCI Report can be found at

The latest NORAS results can be downloaded free of charge by registering at Registered users can also download historical data and use the basic version of NORAS interactive, an online data interrogation tool, free of charge.

Tim Elkington is the Managing Director of Enhance Media Limited ( Enhance Media manage NORAS in conjunction with ABC E. Enhance Media also provide a range of services to employers wanting to get more the internet as a recruitment tool.