Kinstellar is organising a discussion on threats companies and financial institutions face in cyberspace. Topics to be discussed include the possibilities for preventing cyber threats, phishing, identity theft (CEO fraud), social engineering as well as management liability (including criminal liability) related to the proper set-up and implementation of relevant and adequate measures, and other related issues, such as how to protect banking and business secrecy, personal data protection etc.

The event will take place in Prague on 31 January 2017.

The panel members include: Jitka Logesová, Head of Compliance, Risk and Sensitive Investigations, Kinstellar; Stanislav Mečl, Head of Kinstellar’s White Collar Defence Practice and former public prosecutor at the Czech Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office; Jan Pfeffer, Senior Associate, Kinstellar; Tomáš Hládek, Senior Executive Manager, Czech Banking Association; Martin Klubal, Senior IT Security Consultant, AEC; Josef Šedivý, Head of Non-financial Risk Management, Československá obchodní banka; Aleš Špidla, President, Czech Institute of ICT Security Managers and Filip Volavka, Head of Forensic Technologies, Surveilligence.