Self-induced comma

CMS Cameron McKenna knows a bandwagon when it spots one. Not content with joining the ‘Speak Plain English’ lobby, the firm has corralled author-of-the-moment Lynne Truss to help spread the word to its legions of poorly punctuating professionals.

The so-called “high priestess of punctuation” and author of the million-selling handbook on all things comma-related, Eats, Shoots & Leaves popped into the firm’s offices a couple of weeks ago to give a talk about the book and her “zero-tolerance approach to punctuation”.

According to Andrew Franklin, managing director of the book’s publisher Profile Books, CMS Cameron McKenna is the only law firm, “indeed the only professionals at all”, to have thought of using the book to encourage better English usage. “I hope they’re starting something big and that others will follow where they lead,” he said, while rubbing his hands in anticipation of even more sales.

Tulkinghorn welcomes any suggestions as to which firms could best do with a little grammatical tutoring.