Seisler quits Europe job after Lovells poll defeat

Seisler quits Europe job after Lovells poll defeatLovells Continental Europe head Harald Seisler has stepped down from the role after running an unsuccessful campaign to become firmwide managing partner.

As first reported on () Seisler’s bid to secure the top job failed when Lovells voted in favour of the incumbent David Harris at its recent partnership conference. Harris will start his second four-year term at the helm in May next year.

Seisler, who will remain a partner in the firm’s Frankfurt dispute resolution practice, was coming to the end of his term as European managing partner, with the election for the post due to be held at the end of January. Until then, regional chief operating officer Axel Koelsch will take over Seisler’s management duties.

Senior partner John Young thanked Seisler for the contribution he has made as European managing partner, adding: “Harald has carried out his role with distinction and made a significant contribution to the firm during his long period in management, starting even before the merger in 2000.”

Prior to becoming a Lovells partner, Seisler was the de facto managing ­partner of German firm ­Boesebeck Barz & Partners, which merged with Droste in 1997 before Boesebeck Droste merged with Lovells White Durrant in 2000.

Seisler has been a member of Lovells’ international executive committee since 2000, taking on the job of Continental Europe head in 2005 when the firm merged its regional managing partner roles for Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Germany.

Known for his tough stance on performance management, Seisler’s tenure has seen the firm’s European practice move into a position of strength.