Secretaries' association takes on a new name

Cyril Dixon reports

THE PROFESSIONAL body which represents secretaries of district and unitary councils has changed its name to reflect the legal discipline of many of its members.

The Association of District Secretaries became the Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors (ACSeS) at the annual meeting in Bristol last month.

Spokesman Mark Winstanley said the change was intended to clarify ACSeS' identity as the group for heads of legal and administrative services. "We regard the legal role as very important," he added.

"This new identity more adequately reflects the role of our members as chief officers and their deputies, providing administrative and legal services to their authorities."

Lawyers holding senior positions following the annual elections include president David Hartas, solicitor at Wakefield.

Vice-presidents Peter Keith-Lucas and Richard Mellor are also legal heads, at Swansea and Richmond-upon-Thames councils respectively.