Secretarial adversarial

Secretarial adversarialFor a long time Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW), had the biggest number next to its name on our Legal Job Watch table, weighing in at a hefty 180 (see story).

But recently the the mantle was passed to Clifford Chance, which upped the ante by opening talks with a massive 880 (see story).

Staff at FFW will be glad that its second redundancy consultation, which started on 14 November, is over.

The firm cut 31 support staff this time round, with the marketing function taking a direct hit. Many of FFW’s secretaries have gone, as well as a few IT people. This follows on from 11 redundancies in an earlier review – some of whom were lawyers.

But at least the lawyers left can breathe easy for the moment. A source at the firm said that, at this point in time at least, there was no plan to cut further lawyers with the same vigour as support staff were axed.

Well, breathe as easily as they can under the circumstances. They’re probably all too busy fighting over the remaining secretaries, while trying to work out how to type up their own letters and schedule meetings.