Secret service

The mysterious world of the switchboard people just got stranger. Tulkinghorn recently rang Clyde & Co, as he is wont to do, to request the name and details of the firm’s PR person. The friendly switchboard lady met the innocuous request with the ever-annoying, and surely un-client friendly, “Oh, I’m afraid I can’t give out any names. Do you have a name we could go on?”

Tulkinghorn did his best to bypass his Tuesday afternoon lethargy and thought hard, coming up with the name of a person he suspected might have something to do with the PR department.
The bubbly switchboard lady was delighted with the apparently correct answer and, in a spooky spy-movie, code-word-type manner, replied “Fantastic! I will now put you through!” And she did – to someone else entirely.

Tulkinghorn’s lucky happenstance upon the PR name code word has pleased him greatly, as he always suspected that there lurked a vague James Bond-ish leaning beneath his lawyer-like demeanour, but he pities anyone who calls Clyde & Co who doesn’t have the same finely honed spy skills.