Second committee recommendations

The intake of local undergraduates to the Faculty of Law at the National University of Singapore will be increased. The number will increase from 150 to 185. This will then be increased again to 200.

Graduates with law degrees from an additional 10 universities will be able to apply for admission to the Singapore Bar. These are: the universities of Liverpool, Sheffield and Warwick and SOAS in the UK; the universities of Melbourne, Monash, New South Wales and Sydney in Australia; the University of Auckland and the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. UK graduates must still gain a minimum 2:1 degree. The top 30 per cent of the antipodean graduates will be eligible.

The Board of Legal Education will be given the discretion to recognise, on a case-by-case basis, graduates with dual degrees and two-year LLB programmes in scheduled universities for admission to the bar.

The board's discretion to approve a person as “qualified” for admission will be widened. Expertise and experience will be taken into account.