Seat of deceit

Tulkinghorn's dinner party tips, part 1. Tulkinghorn has been picking up a few tips lately on how to ensure top-level status at dinner parties, particularly important at this time of year when one needs to have a primary seating position and not be placed with the also-rans at Christmas parties.
One excellent piece of advice came from the experiences of one partner at a well-known national firm. He has adopted a novel approach to upping his status, which avoids the necessity of having to go through all those tiresome recruitment interviews. “When people ask me at dinner parties what I do, they've never heard of my firm,” he explains. “So now I just check that there aren't any other lawyers around the table and then I just say I work at Slaughter and May.”
Presumably, anyone who really does actually work at Slaughters makes out that they're really at Freshfields.