SDRP gets new chair as 2012 draws near

The Sports Dispute Resolution Panel (SDRP) is gearing up for the pivotal role it will play in the 2012 London Olympic Games, with the appointment of Gerard Elias QC of Farrar’s Building as the new chairman.

The SDRP will run appeal panels for athletes found guilty of doping offences for the British Olympic Association (BOA) in the run-up to the UK’s selection for the 2012 Games.

Criminal and sports barrister Elias’s vision for SDRP will be crucial in how these arbitrations are run. SDRP’s founder, chairman Charles Woodhouse, is retiring after a decade.

SDRP’s members include the BOA and the British Athletes Commission. Both see Elias’s appointment as a pivotal announcement considering the importance that dispute resolution will play in the lead-up to the Games.

The SDRP was established in 1997 after a Confederation of British Sport working party called for a better way of dealing with the growing risk of protracted disputes and litigation.