Scribble me ree

For those who curse the invasion of all-pervasive technology (or indeed those who, like Tulkinghorn, just curse their cranky iMacs 10 times a day) comes a warning tale of how Luddite tendencies can cause havoc.

Tulkinghorn had commissioned an article for The Lawyer, expecting that as usual it would arrive in a handy Word document in his inbox, ready to be edited. So he was somewhat taken aback to receive a call from the author’s PA offering apologies for the piece’s late arrival.

Apparently the writer, a well-known barrister, had penned the article the old-fashioned way – ie in longhand, on paper – before faxing it into the office to be typed up for sending. But fax machines being what they are, and the barrister’s handwriting being what it is, it turned up at the other end all but illegible. It fell to the valiant PA to track down her boss and have the piece sent through again for a second attempt.

Tulkinghorn is too big hearted to point out that this simple problem would have been easily avoided had the author invested in a laptop or a Blackberry in the first place.

Those crazy barristers, eh?