Scratchwork guilt

Slaughter and May senior solicitor Graham Lancaster last week used The Daily Telegraph's City Diary to issue a rebuttal of (yet another) Tulkinghorn expos&#233.
The story goes that Lancaster, father of Rod Stewart's beau Penny, has been rather partial to borrowing the pop star's Lamborghini, but had been spotted in Slaughters' car park touching up a scratch to the paintwork with nail varnish. In his defence, Lancaster argues first that he doesn't actually possess any nail varnish, before claiming: “Anyway, our car park's too small for the Lamborghini. The story did amuse me, though – I sent a copy to Rod. He's no doubt rushed out to the car to check it for scratches.”
Well, what really amused Tulkinghorn is that Lancaster was alerted to The Lawyer's story by one of the 39 emails awaiting him on his return from a one-week break. Thirty-nine emails. Is that all? Even Tulkinghorn's young prot&#233g&#233 Donoghue Snail (currently plying his trade on Lawyer 2B's diary page) gets more than that in a week, usually from students who can't generally be relied upon to find their way to the corner shop for milk, let alone establish the whereabouts of a computer's on/off button.