Scottish MDPs still under review

I refer to John Thompson's letter in (The Lawyer, 31 January). As a current member and former president of the Law Society of Scotland, I was not surprised to learn that my own Law Society had apparently agreed with the CCBE ban on MDPs, but I was disappointed that it should be so.

The Law Society of Scotland has a long-standing ban on MDPs, like almost all legal regulators. However, the issue is very much a live one north of the border and the Law Society is to circulate a report on it to, I understand, stimulate debate. Standing that, it is undoubtedly premature to say that Scottish solicitors have rejected the MDP structure.

I support the opportunity that would be provided by MDPs provided that the unique advantages which solicitors bring to their work, such as independence, can be properly safeguarded. I believe that they can.

John Elliot, Lindsays WS