Scottish Law Society gets new secretary

THE LAW Society of Scotland's top administrative post has changed hands for the first time in 21 years with the appointment of a new secretary, who has pledged a policy of improved communications and more open government.

Douglas Mill, former senior partner of Paisley firm MacFarlane Young & Co, takes over from Ken Pritchard as the secretary on 17 January. The influential post is the equivalent of the Law Society of England and Wales' secretary general.

Mill said the Scottish Law Society had become “fractured” over the years. He explained that he wanted it to become less defensive and more open: “Collegiate spirit will be my keynote. I may be swimming against the tide but I will do my best.

“We need to be more open in our government. Our government is not nefarious or clandestine but we have got to get in there among the troops.”

He said the Scottish Society faced “a plethora of challenges” similar to those facing other lawyers in the UK, with greater public expectations and challenges to self-regulation.