Scott, Stephen – Hot 100

Vodafone’s Stephen Scott told The Lawyer (26 April) last year that, as far as general counsel are concerned, he has “the best job in the world”. The main reason, he said, was the variety of work on offer in one of the fastest-moving sectors in business.

Last year was no exception for the world’s largest mobile phone company. It finally got its 3G services off the ground and spent much of the year involved in – or denying its involvement in – a variety of takeover bids, from AT&T Wireless to Sprint in the US.

Closer to home Scott has overseen the growth of Vodafone’s legal department over the last few years, including the launch of the UK arm four years ago. The man himself has been with the telecoms giant man and boy. He joined Racal Electronics, later to become Racal-Vodafone and subsequently Vodafone Group, in 1980. The rest, as they say, is history.

Stephen Scott