Scots Law Soc visits Brussels to put its case

THE LAW Society of Scotland is hoping to bridge the gap between lawyers in Europe and those north of the border through a seminar to be held in Brussels later this month.

The Palais de Justice will play host to the president of the International Bar Association, Professor Ross Harper, who will chair the day-long event on 29 May.

Jointly organised by the society and the British Council in Brussels, the seminar will provide lawyers working in Europe with an overview of the Scottish legal system.

The society's deputy secretary (international), Lindsay Paterson, says Scottish law – a hybrid of the civil law systems of continental Europe and England's common law – is a strong example of the way in which a legal system can adapt without losing its own identity.

“We're hoping to raise understanding among continental European lawyers of the differences that exist between Scots law and English law and the similarities between Scots law and continental European legal systems,” says Paterson.

“We want to try and put an end to this great fear that common law systems are taking over the world. There seems to be a fear amongst continental lawyers that lawyers from common law systems are basically encroaching on their territory.”