Scots centre tackles crime

A SCOTTISH business crime centre is to be set up by the Scottish Office in partnership with business and the police.

Announced by Scottish Office Minister Lord James Douglas-Hamilton last week as part of his business crime reduction strategy, it would cost around £100,000 a year and be funded in part by the Government.

Lord James said it would be “a centre for excellence” and establish a lead in crime prevention for business and support organisations.

“Discussions are already commencing about a funding partnership involving the Scottish Office and business,” he said.

“I expect to see support, including sponsorships, secondments and donations of equipment and services.

“Information on best practice will be delivered through a helpline service, briefing sessions and training courses,” he said.

Exact statistics on the true extent of business crime are unavailable, but in 1994 it was estimated that crime cost Scottish small businesses over £1 million per week.