Scotland blazes the estate agency trail

The success of lawyers undertaking estate agency work in Scotland has no doubt struck a note with English colleagues. With some property centres having 85 per cent of the market in particular regions, it is clear that solicitors can compete with other businesses in different markets.

Glasgow law firms, which have only recently moved into the market, are following the lead of other Scottish regions and are planning to provide substantial competition for their estate agent friends. Occupying around 30 per cent of the market at present, the Glasgow Solicitors' Property Centre has embarked on a strategy to increase its presence and it is using financial services provision as a tool to do this. Solicitors in england and wales must examine the Scottish model to see what lessons can be learned.

While there are many differences in the systems, adopting a positive attitude to developing new business would be a good start. The Law Society has changed the rules and it is now up to solicitors to take advantage.