Scottish firms have faced a real dilemma in recent years: enter the London market to tap a larger pool of clients or stay firmly committed to the domestic Scottish market.

The so-called big four of Dundas & Wilson, McGrigors, Maclay Murray & Spens and Shepherd & Wedderburn have chosen the former route, arguing that a London presence gives them the ability to significantly expand their client bases.

Firms such as Brodies, Burness and Tods Murray have chosen to eschew the London route, believing there is more than enough indigenous business for them to thrive.

This Special Report examines the argument that the economic strength of Scotland makes it as attractive as England as a place to practise. Also, while the London ‘brain drain’ continues to have an impact north of the border, evidence suggests that more practitioners are returning home after a spell in the City. Could the Scottish market be more attractive than ever before?