Scorned beef sandwiches

The prospect of a sandwich lunch in a meeting room never fills Tulkinghorn with joy, but his hopes were lifted recently on arrival to just such a lunch at Eversheds. A platter of sarnies was accompanied by a ‘sandwich menu’, promising such delights as chicken and parmesan on foccacia, or crayfish and rocket.

So poor, hungry Tulkinghorn was a little disappointed to discover that the delicacies actually on offer were the rather more bog-standard cheese, ham, chicken and, worst of all, corned beef, all served on either sliced white or sliced granary bread.

They were all perfectly adequate as sandwiches go, but unfortunately fell far short of the smorgasboard of delights promised by the menu. At least an overflowing fruit bowl and exciting crisps went a little way towards making up the deficit.

Interestingly, nobody touched the corned beef.