Scoobie Doodle Do

Readers familiar with the Law Society (we’re sure that’s most of you) will be used to the sight of council member Sue Nelson, a hard-working part of that august body. Often on her feet to debate a difficult point at meetings, Nelson is one of the more outspoken members of the Law Society Council, taking time out from her day job as a conveyancing solicitor in Surrey for the good of the profession.

But Tulkinghorn, who writes about solicitors’ day jobs all the time, was intrigued to learn of Nelson’s hobby. According to a well-placed source, Nelson breeds labradoodles. “Labra-whatles?” we hear you cry. A brief Google search tells us that labradoodles are a cross between labradors and poodles, creating an appealingly cute dog with a shaggy coat and big ‘adopt me’ eyes. The breed is prized all over the world, particularly because it is supposed to be a kind, gentle and non-shedding one. Like Nelson? Who knows?

Nelson herself was off sick and unable to tell us more about her pastime. Shame.