Relief in the everyday life of a law firm! All the data on legal services and experience gained, on the expert knowledge of lawyers and information on the market position of the firm flow into a data pool. The data automatically find their correct position and are available in print-ready form according to the query.

Law firms can now start digitizing their legal marketing. The solution in the form of intelligent automation is LAWRENCE®. The tool supports the key areas of References Management (Experience), Pitches and the entire submission process for Legal Directories (international publications for evaluating the market positioning of law firms).

Who is behind LAWRENCE®?

Behind the idea of ​​the Legal Tech StartUps is the project initiator and founder Gina-Maria Tondolo, who in the approximately 14 years of her job as marketing director at an international leading law firm promoted a uniform and professional digitization of this area. This is how the vision of an application specially developed for the industry was born.

The development phase of the tool was supported by the technical input of the law firms Schönherr and Binder Grösswang . The technical know-how is provided by world-direct eBusiness Solutions , a subsidiary of A1.

The LAWRENCE® project promises less work and resource retention, more transparency and, ultimately, more focus on the core tasks of legal services.

Gudrun Stangl, Partner & COO at Schönherr : ” There was no existing solution on the market that would have met our needs.” Gina spent years working for Schönherr in marketing and knows exactly what the requirements of professional legal marketing are. “The result is a top one State-of-the-art marketing tool that will increase efficiency and optimize processes Generally, Legal Tech projects allow us to optimize internal processes to focus on our core business. ”

Bernd Schneiderbauer, Partner at Binder Grösswang, adds: ” Binder Grösswang has always been at the forefront of introducing state-of-the-art technologies, so being able to launch Launch Customer on such an innovative new product and help develop it was particularly appealing to us We are more pleased that the product has succeeded so well . ”

LAWRENCE® Key Features

  • Central database for all marketing relevant data in the form of 5 interconnected modules (Experience, People, Proposals, International Directories, League Tables).
  • Interfaces or Datafiletransfers to other in-house systems (such as time management, Billingtools, HR, etc.).
  • Role-based authorization and access system enables control over data visibility and system rights (DSGVO-compliant).
  • User-friendly front-end design.
  • Intelligent search functions.
  • Correlation of data and multiple export functions.
  • Highly flexible configuration options.
  • E-mail notifications that connect to the system.
  • Status overview of the data processing.

The legal marketing tool is being tested by Schönherr and Binder Grösswang and will be launched in early 2019.