We allow successful individuals and successful companies all over the world the ability to enjoy what they have achieved. Pioneers in reputation, privacy, and family law, our team of leading lawyers, cyber security experts, intelligence analysts, and risk consultants work with some of the biggest names and most influential people on the planet – defending their rights and freedoms in an age of instant communication and relentless change.

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From competitive tactics and share price-shorting to gossip-mongering, jealousy, and sheer malevolence: whatever the motivation, the ability to rapidly share information, enlist others, and turn an incident into an indictment is an everyday feature of the digital age.

At Schillings, we believe those with the drive and the brilliance to be successful should be allowed to do so without fear. Even in an ever-more connected and cut-throat world, they still can. Because with the right mix of law, intelligence, cyber security and risk consulting – delivered with incisiveness and precision – your privacy is not dead, and your reputation can be defended.

With over 30 years’ experience in reputation, privacy and family law, our multi-award winning, cross-disciplinary team is deployed around the globe. And, as the founding partner of The Reputation Network, we’ve a strong array of worldwide partners we can work with at the height of an action.

Whether we’re demanding privacy for them and their families, keeping their sensitive information secure, or defending their reputations, we allow successful individuals and companies – wherever they may be – the ability to enjoy what they’ve achieved, by planning for and protecting against the attacks and unwanted attention that are an inevitable by-product of success.


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