Schillings fails to save BP’s Browne

Schillings has been unable to save the career of Lord Browne, the chief executive of BP, who resigned yesterday after court documents revealed he had lied to a High Court judge.

Lord Browne had tried to get an injunction to stop the Mail on Sunday from publishing details of his affair with Jeff Chevalier, a Canadian student.

But court documents revealed that Lord Browne lied to the High Court about how he had met Chevalier.

The battle pitted Schillings in its customary role, battling against a national newspaper. Reynolds Porter Chamberlain acted for Associated Newspapers, with Liz Hartley the lead partner.

The firms instructed top counsel on the case. Schillings pitted Richard Spearman QC from 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square against RPC’s Victoria Sharp QC from One Brick Court.

All parties declined to comment.