Scars on your eyes

City firms just can’t get enough of ripping off dodgy TV formats, it seems.

After the glory of Linklaters‘ ‘LinkIdol’ and the tantrums and tiaras of ‘Strictly Come Freshfields’ (both of which have been well documented in Tulkinghorn), Berwin Leighton Paisner (BLP) staged its own version of Stars In Their Eyes.

And of course, one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes was in attendance to note down all the incriminatory evidence – sorry, sterling performances.

An honourable mention goes to corporate head John Bennett, who appeared resplendent in a sequin boob-tube. While he may look like an extra from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, in fact Bennett was crossing genders in an eye-watering impression of Pink. He certainly gave a new meaning to the lyric: “I’m coming out….”

Another honourable mention goes to construction assistant Gareth Stringer, who impressed the ladies with his impression of The Killers’ Brandon Flowers – if conversation in the loos was anything to go by.

But perhaps the finest effort of the evening was put on by head of recruitment Jonathan Brenner, who came dressed as managing partner Neville Eisenberg doing Joseph, complete with technicolour dreamcoat and a T-shirt emblazoned with ‘Neville’ on the front.

The lyrics were as sharp as his impression, and a neat summary of BLP’s hiring policy. Behold:“Neville jigged a merry dance When he raided Clifford Chance If you’re good be sure we’ll come and find you You will leave your overdraft behind you.”

Tulkinghorn couldn’t have put it better himself. conference.