Sayer uncovers Law Soc money worries

ROBERT Sayer, the Law Society's deputy treasurer, has sent a letter to council members identifying a series of financial problems which he believes the Law Society must tackle.

In the letter, Sayer, who helped expose the massive overspend on the Law Society's Regis computer project, said there were reports that the refurbishment of Chancery Lane, already more than £1m over budget, will run further over by between £600,000 and £1m.

He also identifies the existence of an independent report, which, he claims, shows that 80 per cent – £2m – of the professional fees budget was not spent on professional fees.

Sayer also draws attention to the existence of an adverse consultants' report, issued last August, on the troubled High Street Starter Kit, of which council members were unaware.

Commenting on the letter, Sayer said: “If it is true that only 20 per cent are genuine professional fees then something obviously needs close scrutiny.”

A Law Society spokesman refused to comment on the building work. But he said the £2m listed under the professional fees was all proper expenditure. He said the issue was about how expenditure was allocated to budgets.

He added: “We are opening up a lot of cupboards now. There are big changes afoot in the way the society runs itself, organises finances and accounts for expenditure and Robert Sayer will have a major role in taking that forward.”