Santa’s grotty

What do the following have in common: hair dye; lacy knickers; breath freshener; and alcohol?

Well, besides being the key ingredients for a good night out in Southend, they’re also the items to avoid if you’re buying a Secret Santa present this year.

Who says so? The killjoys over at Lewis Hymanson Small say so, that’s who.  

Presumably courtesy of its spin doctor gurus at RMS PR, the Manchester firm has sent out a press release detailing exactly what you shouldn’t buy your poor, unsuspecting colleagues for Christmas, and why (see story). Lest you actually have some fun that doesn’t involve photocopiers and buttocks at your Christmas party.

Among the other items that you should under no circumstances give to your workmates, even under the cloak of anonymity, are aprons, diet books and offensive magazine (no mention of The Lawyer in that category for some reason).

It’s good to know the spirit of The Grinch is alive and well and operating in a small law firm in the north-west of England.

It is, of course, elf and safety gawn mad.