A host of law firms across the City have handed salary rises to their trainees and associates.

Lincoln’s Inn firm Farrer & Co has given all trainees a £2,000 pay increase, with first-years now on £37,000 (up from £35,000) and second-years on £40,000 (up from £38,000).

Its newly-qualified (NQ) solicitors get a £1,000 boost from £59,000 to £60,000.

Over in Mayfair, trainees at Forsters previously began on £36,500, progressing to £58,000 on qualification. First-years at the firm will now receive £38,000 and NQs £61,000.

Nearby Harbottle & Lewis has upped first-year trainee salaries from £32,500 to £34,000. Second-years will take home £36,000 (up from £34,000) while NQs get an increase from £54,000 to £55,000.

And Bedford Row’s Collyer Bristow has bumped up its first-year trainee salary by £1,000 to £32,000 while NQs also get a £1,000 increase, to £53,000.