Salary hikes out of ocntrol

I am head of legal for a medium size manufacturing company which exports the majority of its output.

With a large share of those exports going to euroland, we are being forced to economise just to keep people in jobs.

How heartening it is that the likes of Macfarlanes and Biddle feel able to award their junior lawyers pay rises several times the rate of inflation.

It seems City practices now rate themselves so highly that even their newly qualifieds, who have spent a couple of years honing their coffee making and photocopying skills, are worth £45,000.

I am sure that I will not be the only in-house lawyer inspecting the next bill I receive from a City firm to ensure that these salaries are not coming out of my company’s coffers.

One can only hope that these highly skilled lawyers are equally skilled at saving for a rainy day, because once the next recession comes due to the collapse of our manufacturing industry, there will be one hell of a downpour.

Name and address withheld