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Position: 22 h
Firm: Salans

Turnover: £143m
Profit per equity partner: £502K
Earnings per partner: £349K
Equity spread: £260K-£800K
Net profit: £46.8m
Profit margin: 33 per cent
Revenue per fee-earner: £156K
Revenue per lawyer: £215K
Revenue per partner: £822K
Revenue per equity partner: £2.13m
Total number of fee-earners: 915
Total number of qualified partners: 665
Total number of partners: 174
Total number of equity partners: 67
Total number of female partners: 33
Total number of female equity partners: 17
Total number of staff: 1,420
Leverage ratio (equity partners/fee-earners): 1:8.9

2006-07: Corporate 3
2005-06: Banking 3, corporate 3, employment 1, litigation 2
2004-05: Corporate 1, litigation

2006: Banking 1, restructuring 1, corporate 7, employment 2, IP 1, litigation 5, real estate 5,tax 4
2005: Banking 2, competition 1, public law 1
2004: Banking 1, real estate 2

Intake as percentage of partnership: 20.7
New female partners as percentage of intake: 3.4
Firms recruited from: Baker & McKenzie, Haarmann Hemmelrath, Lester Aldridge, Lovells, Rambaud Martel
Equity structure: 63 equity partners, 77 non-equity
Practice area(s) most heavily promoted: Corporate, real estate
*Figures supplied relate to the calendar year

Salans’ lateral figures are skewed by its 2006 formation of a Berlin base by taking a 12-partner team from Haarmann Hemmelrath. The London partnership has grown consistently by two a year. In 2004 both appointments were lateral hires, in 2005 there were two internal promotions and in 2006 the pendulum swung back to laterals, with two litigators joining from Lester Aldridge.

London has seen slower growth than Paris and Eastern Europe, which have had the lion’s share of both promotions and laterals in the past three years. Out of 15 internal promotions, London has had two compared with four in Paris and three in Moscow.