Salans elects Chateau as chairman in board rejig

London-based Finch has been re-elected to the board along with Chateau, Paris-based Pascal Chadenet, Prague-based Evan Lazar and Berlin-based Hermann Meller. St Petersburg partner Glenn Kolleeny and Warsaw partner Arek Krasnodebski have replaced Jane Tarassova, head of energy and natural resour­ces in Russia, and Tomasz Dabrowski, Warsaw managing partner.

Global managing partner Dariusz Oleszczuk said the firm’s 2009 revenue, which is as yet unpublished, has exceeded forecasts and that the coming 12 months could see Salans expand in
Western Europe and China.

“We’re diverse geographically and by expertise, and because of this we’ve managed to deal with the crisis well – better than some of our rivals,” said Oleszczuk.

“We’ve seen production increase for the past four months in a row in the countries in which we operate. We’d like to take advantage of where we are strong but we’re not ­reluctant to look at bigger acquisitions in countries where we don’t have a ­presence. It’s not growth for its own sake, but we have a strategy and we’re taking small steps towards it,” he added.

Salans holds elections for the global board every two years.