Ryanair picks Howrey to sue UK government

Howrey has landed instructions from Ryanair as the low-cost airline launches a claim against the government for declaratory relief following the recent security alerts.

London-based litigation partner Peter Fitzpatrick is acting for Ryanair, instructing One Essex Court’s Alan Griffiths.

The claim was filed in the High Court today (Friday 1 September) against the Secretary of State for Transports, Douglas Alexander MP.

Ryanair is seeking a declaration that it is entitled to compensation of over £3m after the government instituted a number of new security measures in UK airports due to recent terrorism alerts.

Fitzpatrick has previously acted for Ryanair in relation to a number of matters including the airline’s claim against BAA over the Stansted Airport fuel levy, and in relation to Ryanair’s plans to introduce in-flight gaming.