Rope and glory

After a night spent watching too many Stallone/Schwarzenegger action adventure flicks, we can probably all admit to dreaming of escaping that tedious boardroom meeting with a daring base jump out of the window. However, few can claim to have actually gone through with such a manoeuvre.

Lovells lawyers have obviously been watching far too many Rambo reruns, given that 65 adrenaline junkies/fools (you decide) chose to make the leap and abseil down all 11 floors of the firm’s Atlantic House headquarters last Monday (1 October) in the aid of charities Pump Aid and Thames21.

Senior partner John Young led the way early on, making the dash for freedom facing downwards and dressed as Snow White. And yes, of course, all seven of his dwarfs, including partner Gill McGreevy, followed suit. But private equity partner Tom Whelan and partner Richard Tyler probably have the biggest accounts with Blockbuster, proving their action-hero mantles by making the descent dressed as Superman and James Bond respectively.

The same perhaps cannot be said for partner Robin Spencer, who made the descent like a seasoned pro after a bumpy start in training. Let’s just say there was an incident with a rather burly instructor, some rope and a rather awkward position, looking something like a handstand only lying down on a flight of stairs.

And as for Tulkinghorn’s minion, who also took one for the team – after a rather terrifying step over the edge, the ground opposite Smithfield market never looked so good.