Birmingham-based Martineau Johnson is becoming something of a regular favourite of Tulkinghorn’s. This week he was impressed by senior partner Roger Blears, who like Tulkinghorn himself is a leader of men. Blears has started a blog for the firm’s lawyers as a window unto greatness.

“In 218BC Hannibal Barca led his Carthaginian army over the Alps,” Blears recalls, “and was then victorious in a series of battles against Roman armies in Northern Italy. This was one of the most celebrated achievements of any military force in ancient warfare. His encouragement to his troops was that ‘we will find a way or make one’.

“So I guess I’m aiming for a style which is a mix of what Hannibal Barca and Denzel Washington might come up with,” Blears writes. “Being a lawyer, I temper my natural ‘can do’ approach to life with the old Chinese caution to ‘feel the pebbles as you cross the river’.”