Roman showman

Last weekend saw the great and the good of the legal market head off to Rome for The Lawyer’s annual European In-House Summit.

Once the serious work of the seminars had been done it was time to relax at a black tie dinner where, in the face of much groaning and even some heckling, Eversheds managing partner David Gray bravely regaled the crowd with an outpouring from his finely-tuned poetic soul. Here, in full, and for your delectation, is the epic:

Cast back your mind 2000 years – to Rome, the home of learning
Where lawyers were important – their clients most discerning.
Catullus Cato Cicero – great lawyers who have led us
And perhaps the greatest of them all – the lawyer Evershedus

Now nota bene everyone and you’ll hear his tale de facto
How he came to prominence and what made him act so
With offices throughout the empire his clients there to aid
Londinium, Milano Napoli is where he plied his trade

And – tempus fugit – on to Rome – he said if here I work – I’ll
Soon be hailed with bona fide as in the magic circle
He Veno Vidi Vici’d Rome and though a late starter
His clients were all better served if this was judged pro rata

Human traits he had as well – at his 40th birthday do
He drank ad nauseam they say – the evening simply flew
But suffer for that night he did his servant standing by
Heard him slur “I have forgot if you are forty or I!” (afortiori)

An honest man this tale will show – with Brutus he was dining
Ten of the greatest minds in Rome in the atrium reclining
In the servants’ quarters – panic – only eight meals on the tray
But Evershedus the honest said “Yes, I ate two Brute”

So brave he was – he held no fear if pushed by toga’s crowd
When attending at the forum – no quarter was allowed
With plebians shoving at his heels he’d turn and hold his hand high
And say “I’m not for moving, yes in this locus stand I”

Proactive with his clients – he was the first to know
You need to run the extra mile to preserve the status quo
He said ad nauseam they say “Of my effort every ounce’ll
Be used to serve the pressing need of Roman in-house counsel”

In vino veritas as they say. I swear this all is true
His legacy lives on today – and is available to you
Not famous now like Cicero, Pliny, Cato, Nero
But I read this in memoriam Evershedus unsung hero.