Rival recruiters in row over documents

THE LONDON office of legal recruitment agency Reuter Simkin has successfully fought a legal action for the return of documents against an ex-employee and the rival agency which poached her.

Reuter Simkin may also pursue the defendants, Daniels Bates, for damages.

Jane Bowtell, Reuter Simkin director of legal recruitment, says: “We have had affidavits back admitting that information was taken on candidates and jobs. There are still some areas we are looking to clarify about other possible information.

“We only undertook legal action on the basis that we have such a strong case.”

Stephenson Harwood is acting for Reuter Simkin.

Tim Bates, managing director of Daniels Bates, says: “Since there are on-going legal proceedings, I'm not in a position to say anything.”

Recruitment consultant Geraldine Hetherington resigned in February to join Daniels Bates after the agency approached her, claims Reuter Simkin.

No allegation was made that Daniels Bates procured Hetherington to extract information, but Reuter Simkin was concerned that the company could benefit from the information.

Reuter Simkin obtained an ex parte order last month on behalf of its holding company PSD against Hetherington and the Daniels Bates Partnership.

The order restrained the defendants from directly or indirectly using or destroying any of the information, thought to include candidates' CVs and client details, and requiring its immediate return. The defendants swore affidavits verifying compliance with this.

Stephenson Harwood also issued a writ seeking damages for breach of contract.

An order was approved on 8 March, part of which required the defendants to file another affidavit confirming the return of all documents.

Daniels Bates is represented by Bradford lawyers Gordons.