Right on at Mishcon

Mishcons recently emerged as proportionately one of the City’s most ecologically sound firms, with news that around 10 per cent of its partners drive electric cars.

Now news reaches Tulkinghorn that the firm is also making a bid to be the City’s most ‘right on’ bunch. Recently it swapped its suppliers of bottled water for a new brand, named ‘One’. All the profit goes to supporting water and sanitation projects overseas, such as building roundabout play pumps in Africa (the children play on the roundabout which draws the water from a well as it turns).

Mishcons is also serving Peros fair trade coffee in the meeting rooms, and in the spirit of its electric cars is hoping to become the first carbon-neutral law firm. Which means that from some time later this year it’s likely to be putting money into reforestation projects or wind farms. Will Kevin Gold be out planting trees? Tulkinghorn demands to know.