Rich hitch

Oh happy days! Tulkinghorn loves nothing more than a wedding – free booze, cutting a rug to ’80s classics and the odd snog with the bridesmaid. It reminds one of what life is all about.

So what a joy it was to hear that the peal of merger bells between DLA and Piper Rudnick have been drowned out by the peal of wedding bells emanating from the national firm’s London office.

It seems that when not engineering a merger of equals to create the world’s third-largest law firm and the greatest full-service commercial firm in the history of humanity etc etc blah blah, DLA managing partner Nigel Knowles has found time to conduct a bit of, shall we say, merger activity of his own.

Last month, in between bedding down a couple of new lateral hires, Knowles was also looking forward to bedding down permanently with DLA insolvency partner and soon to be life partner Sally Rich. In keeping with the theme of a merger of equals, Tulkinghorn shall henceforth refer to Knowles as Nigel Knowles-Rich (or, as befits his top-of-lockstep position, Rich-Knowles).

Tulkinghorn understands that in a delightful development of Knowles-Rich’s personal Visions and Values, the lovebirds got engaged in Florence and last week were seen prancing delightedly through the fields of southern France with parents in tow.

Mrs Tulkinghorn is already airing the Diane von Furstenberg in hopeful anticipation of the May wedding at St Bride’s, the well-known nuptial stomping ground for journalists and army generals. The happy pair will move into Knowles-Rich’s luxury new Chelsea pad in the coming weeks. Wedding gift ideas to