Reynolds Porter Cham-berlain is using Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights to challenge the Government's decision to hold the Foot-and-Mouth inquiry in private

The firm is representing four national newspaper groups – Associated News-papers, The Telegraph Group, Mirror Group Newspapers and Guardian Newspapers – in their bid to intervene in a judicial review application.
Reynolds Porter media partner Liz Hartley said: “This was an epidemic which devastated lives and businesses throughout the country. The media, who've given extensive coverage to the crisis from its beginnings, should be entitled to report for the benefit of the public on the progress of the inquiry and any evidence placed before it.”
The application for judicial review is the latest in a series of moves by media organisations to use the courts to gain access to official inquiries. Last year CNN, advised by Finers Stephens Innocent, successfully fought for access to the Shipman inquiry.